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Kritik Seth

Hi, my name is Kritik Seth and I am a data science enthusiast based in Mumbai, India. I am currently pursuing BTech Data Science from MPSTME, NMIMS and will graduate in the year 2022. My current average GPA is 3.76/4.00 (which translates to 9.4 out of 10)

I am a highly analytical individual with strong interpersonal and leadership skills. I have good mathematics and statistics background, programming skills, and ability to clearly communicate complex and technical information.

My portfolio is a representation of all that I have learned and accomplished as a BTech Data Science student. The articles and projects you will see in this portfolio show how my critical thinking skills, knowledge and experience have evolved over time.

I am currently pursuing Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

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Some of the skills I have and technologies I have been working with recently


Where have I worked and what work have I done there

Sapio Analytics

Data Analyst (15 April, 2020 - 15 June, 2020)

Kenmark Itan Solutions

Junior Data Science Assosciate (1 April, 2020 - Present)
  • Sentiment Analysis for comments in Kenmark IT's Social Media Platforms (Artist Platforms to Collaborative Ideation Platforms)

Achievements & Certificates

Some of my achievements and experiences

National Finalist, Praklap (IITB)

October, 2019

One of the top six in India out of 356 for Prakalp Case Study Competi- tion at SJMSOC, IIT Bombay. We were competing against students pursuing MBA. I can be seen presenting our case study in the above picture.

Winner of ACM Mumbai Hackathon

March, 2020

My team was the winner of ACM Mumbai Hackathon (Problem Statement 4). We were required to build a platform where budding startups, entrepreneurs and investors can connect. We built an android application for the same.

Winner SIH Internal Hackathon

February, 2020

We designed a solution for the problem statement (NM-378). The problem statement required us to provide a solution for an application that would recognize the crop in a farm when a picture of the same was clicked.

Data Hack Summit (BLR)

November, 2019

Had an opportunity to meet Mr. Pavel Pleskov (ex-Grand Master world rank 2) and many other Grand Masters at DHS 2019 for which I was given free tickets by the CEO of Analytics Vidhya, Mr. Kunal Jain. Also developed a Zomato chatbot there.

Projects & Articles



Live Projects

ML Web (Flask) Applications I have built that you can use

NLP Cleaning Pipeline

This ML (Flask) App allows you to learn intuitively about what the NLP Text Cleaning Pipeline is and what the commonly performed procedures in the pipeline are. It also gives you information about the procedures.


Wherebnb (Airbnb clone) made by me not only helps tourists to predict the price of a house but also helps hosts to predict the popularity of their house while giving them a title recommendation for their place as well.

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I am currently looking for new opportunities (remote as well as on-site) My inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, you can always connect with me.